A.P.T’s August Collective is a month-long programme of artist-led collaborations that will be developed and created in the A.P.T Gallery in Deptford, South East London

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Four artists have been selected to take over A.P.T gallery for one week each in August 2018. The chosen artists will use the gallery space collaboratively with other artists, arts organisations and groups. They will research and develop a new piece of collaborative work and then share, exhibit or perform this new body of work. They will be documenting their week of work through this website allowing the public to follow their development and process.
Following the completion of the August Collective, A.P.T will be designing, producing and publishing a Project Book to record and document the four artist’s work.
There will be events and performances in conjunction with the artists’ work which will be announced in due course. The gallery will be open to the public for viewing and participation every Saturday and Sunday throughout August.